The Book

The guide is made up out of 6 chapters, a QR code which will take you to our online list of all the places.

1. Dinner & Drinks
In this chapter you can find the best restaurants for different moments. It doesn’t matter if you come from the beach, want a long night eating tapas or just some small bites, it’s all in there!
2. So Spanish
Are you in Spain for a short break or do you just love Spain very much that you want to eat Spanish all the time? Then you can find the best Spanish places in Barcelona in this chapter. There are also some secret places in it, which you wouldn’t find without the book.

3. Brunch Time
Bunch starts later in Spain but also continue all day long. That’s why you need the perfect place to enjoy you brunch! There are some various places in this chapter so it will fit to your needs. 
4. Quick Bites
If you need a snack while exploring the beautiful Barcelona, just grab the book out of your bag and pick one of the places in this chapter. You can eat quick at a terrace or take it with you on your exploring trip. 
5. Cocktails & Bars
Looking for the best places to hop from bar to bar or drink some cocktails at one place? In this chapter you can find some fun bars and places to drink your favourite drinks!
6. Things to do & places to go. 
 In this chapter you can find a lot of different (free) activities. With the to-do and to-go list, you can explore Barcelona through the eyes of a local.