Winter in Barcelona

When you think of Barcelona you think about warm weather and sunny days. Barcelona during the winter is still very beautiful. The sun shines almost every day, but it can be a little chilly. We have listed the best activities for the winter for you. 


Three Kings 

January 6 is also known as the Day of the Three Kings. A big thing here in Barcelona. Children write a 

wishlist to the Three King. On the night of January 5 there is a parade with floats full of 

gifts. These gifts must be handed out at night. On the next day children get the gifts. Three Kings 

originally a Christian feast. The Three Wise Kings went to Bethlehem when Jesus was born, and 

brought them gifts. 


Skating rink 

Most of the time it is still sunny in Barcelona during the winter. Ice skating on natural ice is 

impossible here. There is a skating rink nearby the stadium of FC Barcelona. Here you can skate in a save environment. If your skating skills are not very good you can use the side barriers so you don’t 

fall all the time. Treat yourself a hot drink after your time on the rink. 



A fun indoor activity for you and your friends and family. Fight against each other for the highest 

points. Will you be the first to throw a strike? Bowling can make you a little bit hungry and thirsty. 

Get some drinks and snacks while playing. Toast to a fun time with each other. 


New year’s Eve 

The day many people look forward to. Here in Barcelona there is a tradition. At midnight when the 

bell dongs you eat 12 grapes to the 12 bell dongs. If you succeeded it will predict good luck for the 

coming year. During New Year’s Eve there are plenty of events you can go to. At Placa d’Espanya is a 

huge firework display. At Placa Catalunya locals throw champagne bottles in the air to celebrate the 

new year. Watch out when your walking around there! 


Ice bar 

If you literally want a cold drink go to Icebarcelona. Surround yourself with amazing ice sculptures 

while sipping on a drink. The light and artwork are changed at least twice per year, so you discover 

something new every time you visit this place. Inside it is -5 degrees, so make sure you wear 

something warm. With your entrance you can get a coat, so you don’t get too cold. 



Go for a hike to Montserrat. This is a beautiful mountain just outside Barcelona. There are organized 

trips you can sign up to. You will go with the bus to Montserrat and walk free to see the beautiful 

view. You can also visit the museum to learn about the history and this famous monument. 



Plan your skiing trip to Andorra! Andorra is close to Barcelona and you can go there easily by train. 

You can stay here for the weekend or longer. Slide down the mountains and enjoy the apres ski! 

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