What to do in Barcelona in the rain

Although the sun is still shining bright. In a few weeks it may be chilly and rainy. It can be difficult to find some indoor activities in Barcelona.

So here are a few activities you can do when it rains in Barcelona.

Moco Museum
This new museum from Amsterdam has its own spot here in Barcelona. Here you can see modern art from famous and upcoming artists. Their slogan is ‘In art we trust.’ There are different expositions to see. For example you can see the famous Banksy, Salvador Dali and Yayoi Kusama. There is more to see than just some paintings. Modern art is also digital art. Get lost in a world where you see different kind of lights.

www.mocomuseum.com From: €13,50

Montjuïc climbing hall
If you’re feeling very energetic on a rainy day you can climb in the Montjuïc tunnel. You can climb on the inside of the tunnel. Let your inner Spiderman out and try climbing with an upside down view. When it’s raining outside you can go to the climbing hall next to the tunnel. Here you can go indoor climbing.

www.climbat.com/la-foixarda-barcelona/en/ From: €8,55

Escape room
Let’s see how good you and your friends can work together trying getting out an escape room. Solve riddles, crack codes and find clues to make your way out of the room. There are many different escape rooms with different themes. A perfect activity on a rainy day.

www.tacticgame.es/en/ From: €48

what to do in the rain barcelona



A good place to shelter from the storm. Here you can grab a drink and take a bite. That is not the only thing you can do here. You can book a karaoke room to sing your favorite songs with your friends. Clubhaus has different rooms. You have the showroom, jungle room and galaxy room. Here you can play different kind of games, listen to music and dance a little if you want. There are ping pong tables and in the toilets you can play minigolf.


L’Aquarium de Barcelona

This beautiful aquarium is located in the harbor Port Vell. Learn about the undersea life and see all the different species that live in the sea. You can walk through an underwater tunnel. Walk among sharks, fish and many more species.

www.aquariumbcn.com from: €21

what to do in the rain barcelonawhat to do in the rain barcelona


Indoor karting
A lightning fast activity for you and your friends. Race away at the circuit and make sure you become the first one. This activity is for young and old ensures you will have an amazing day. You can also go here for bowling or laser tag. This is definitely a perfect activity for when it rains in Barcelona.

www.indoorkartingbarcelona.com €19


La Ceramicaria
Let your creativity run wild! At La Ceramicaria you can paint plates, bowls and much more. This is a great activity for when you don’t want to do an activity that is to energetic for you. You can paint anything you want on the pottery.

www.laceramicaria.es/en/ €12

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