Hikes in Barcelona

When you think of Barcelona, hiking probably doesn’t come to mind straight away. You can hike very nicely in Barcelona and surroundings. There are routes for experts, but also some intermediate level hikes. Be surprised by the nature of Barcelona.  



The Montserrat mountains are close to Barcelona and a great place to hike. Here you can walk different routes. Some are hard and need some experience, but there are also hikes for people who don't hike very often as there is also a shuttle to take you to the top so you still get to see the stunning scenery without doing the complete hike.  



There is a lot to do at the Tibidabo mountain. It is one of the most popular hiking area in Barcelona, but you can do so much more. There is a gorgeous vintage theme park on the top of the mountain. Here you can also find a church, the view from the church is amazing. With an elevator you can go to the very top, and view down over all the hikers in Barcelona.  


Bunkers del Carmel  

This place is famous for its beautiful spot for the sunsets. Here you can also find the MUHBA Museum. This museum is about the history of the civil war. This mountain is 250 meters high. While walking up the stairs you will already see the beautiful city.  

Montjuic is not so much a hiking area for Barcelona, but more a walking area. You can climb the Montjuïc in many different ways. Each route will lead you to another activity. On the Montjuïc you'll find the Olympic Stadium, various gardens and on top of the Montjuïc you will find the historic Montuïc castle as well as the Olympic diving pool with insane views. 

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