Barcelona with Babies

Barcelona with babies, and small children. When you get to this chapter in your life you have to make some adjustments! Both Jon & myself had a baby in 2022 and it's like looking at the city through different eyes where to go with Babies in Barcelona? We have been living in Barcelona for 10 years now, and you think you know it all. But with a buggy, and small children you find yourself looking for new necessities when going out and about to places with babies in Barcelona; do they have a baby station? Is there enough space for a buggy? And with toddlers the main question is; is there something or somewhere they can play?

So for our next edition we will be adding in a little Barcelona with Babies & Barcelona with kids guide, with will will help you around when you bring babies or kids to Barcelona, or maybe you have lived here for a while and now need to find new places that are baby and kids friendly?

Below you have a sneak peak to some of our favourite places to go with babies in Barcelona:

  • Federal - Poblenou
  • Camping - Poblenou
  • Juice Dudes - Gracia
  • Gabby´s - Poblenou
  • Le Motif - El Born
  • Oakberry - La Barceloneta


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