Barcelona beach during autumn

Even though autumn started in Barcelona the beaches are still very lively. It's still amazing weather in this city. In the peak hours you van lay on the beach with a cold drink, but when the sun goes down it will be getting a little chilly, so make sure you always bring a sweater.  



There are many sports you can do on the beach. There are a few volleyball nets, or you can work out with a group. An easy way to join a group is through Meetup. It's an app where you can discover groups with the same interest as you. You can look up for any activity you like and join a group. For example, you can a fitness group or go to a bar to meet new people, whatever fits you best. There are weekly activities and some are a ont-time activity. Some activities are for free and for some you need to pay for the membership.  



Walking along the beaches of Barcelona you will find a lot of beach bars. In Spanish it's called ‘Chiringuito’. A few beach bars are located on the boulevard, but some of the bars are directly on the beach. Around this time of the year you can still visit them to grab a drink. During the winter the bars that are located directly on the beach will be completely removed. There will still be plenty of bars where you can go to for example: Escriba, Shôko, L’Escamarlà and many more. 



Barceloneta is a famous place to visit. It is traditionally a fishing district. You can find a lot of fish restaurants on the boulevard. There are also many clubs and bars on the boulevard. It's a variety of the old fishing district and a modern tourist place. The beach of Barceloneta is built for the Olympics in 1992. That is why the sand and houses are noticeably different than a beach like Bogatell. The closer you get to the sea at Barceloneta beach the stonier it gets in contrast to Bogatell beach there is more sand. The beach of Bogatell is more specious and the sand feels better on your bare feet. Especially when you want to go into the sea.  


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